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  • "I met Shahla a number of years ago when she came to my door and introduced herself as a local realter familiar with the area. She asked if we were thinking of selling our house in the near future. At the time we had no plans to do so, but I gave her my contact info and told her to keep in touch. Over the years she periodically stopped by to chat and would also send us interesting real estate info for the area. When we were ready to sell and move on, Shahla was the first person we called to help us through the process. Although we have bought and sold houses in the past, things have gotten much more complex, especially in California. Shahla made the process so much easier. She is the ultimate professional realter and has a great deal of energy and knowledge. She is so well connected and was instrumental in getting all the appropriate inspections done and repair work scheduled and completed within a few weeks, which in our case included foundation repair work, a major bathroom remodel, painting, etc. On top of all that, Shahla was able to get the house staged, show the house to a number of potential buyers, and obtain and manage a final offer which was accepted and closed, all within a two and a half month period, from start to finish. Whenever something came up, Shahla went the extra mile to make sure things got done in a timely manner. She kept us sane throughout the process. We highly recommend her!" allanabati09, 6587 Ashfield Ct San Jose, CA 95120 ☆☆☆☆☆

  • "We met Shahla at a local open house and were immediately impressed by her knowledge of the area and her interest in what we were looking for in a home. So many agents we had met with were just trying to sell us the homes they had available since inventory was low and didn’t care if the property fit what we were looking for. Shahla would pre-view homes for us sometimes as well which I found very helpful and worked to narrow down which properties she sent us rather than just sending me everything in the MLS. We ended up remodeling instead of buying a home, but we maintained a relationship over the years and starting working together recently again. Shahla found us our dream home and helped us through a competitive bidding process and a short closing window. We would recommend her and will be referring her to friends and family in the future." alison walton13, 250 Bunker Hl Aptos, CA 95003 ☆☆☆☆☆

  • "Shahla is a great realtor. We were so lucky that she got referred to us. Shahla knows the housing market inside out and always has a great advice. She helped us sell our duplex and we got the top dollar for it!" 04/27/2021 - Anna Koval, 476 N Bayview Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 ☆☆☆☆☆

  • "Shahla made the buying process understandable and easy. We were first time home buyers and knew pretty much nothing. She walked us thru the entire process and made sure we understood everything and all of our options. Her insights truly helped us find our perfect first home. She responds quickly and is always willing to answer questions/find out the information we requested. She is an expert in this area and her years of experience truly shined, making the process less stressful. We will definitely work with her again and recommend her to all of our family and friends. She was a joy to work with and we are so thankful she was on our team." 05/24/2021 - Jordan Landreth, 6033 Calle De Suerte, San Jose, CA 95124 ☆☆☆☆☆

  • "Shahla has assisted in helping me sell two homes and buy one. Her professionalism and dedication to the job is incredible. She helped me locate stagers, repair personnel to make my house look it’s best at time of listing. I can highly recommend Shahla to both list your home for sale and also assist you in finding and negotiating the best deal on a new home." 05/10/2021 - Bryan Foertsch, 15980 Escobar Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95032 ☆☆☆☆☆

  • "We met Shahla at an open house about a year back. We were wanting to up grade to a New house. As with all such decisions there has to be perfect synergy between your wants and what the market has to offer . Shala kept in touch sending us listings regularly. By the time we went back in earnest looking for houses Covid was on us. Shahla has been patient, always available to answers questions and she did excellent job when we bid on our house.. The day we bid on the house where our offer was selected , the systems were down and going through the manual process of signatures and follow up Shahla was right there doing what she does best in a calm and collected manner . I would give her full points for her follow up, professional etiquette, her easy demeanor and being honest about market conditions" 01/31/2021 - anupamsengar, 1100 Bucknam Ave, Campbell, CA 95008 ☆☆☆☆☆

  • "My mother is 96 and didn't want to make the decisions about paint, flooring, etc,, so Mrs. Khani encouraged her to sell her 51 yo home "as is". She didn't try to get mom to do all the work for a little more profit; Shahla is honest and caring. She got all the reports (property, termite, foundation, etc.) prior to putting the house on the market. We sold in 5 days at 200K over the listing!!! My mom is so happy to have this burden off her shoulders. Shahla Khani is responsive, hard working and very mindful of the needs of an 96 yo woman in this covid-19 world. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a "dynamo" working for them and getting the best price possible." 10/18/2020 - laurelwheel, 285 Belblossom Way, Los Gatos, CA 95032 ☆☆☆☆☆

  • "We met Shahla the summer before when she knocked on our door. We told her our timeline for retirement and she kept in touch with us over the year. When it was time, she guided us in what decisions we had to make and when. Shahla provided guidance throughout the whole process, which for us included a remodel. She listened to our ideas and when details differed, she described what needed to be done, then allowed us the space to take care of business. With COVID, Shahla made it possible to put the house on the market and to show it safely, so that our health was never compromised. Shahla had our best interests at heart. I highly recommend her." 08/04/2020 - Sue Moss, Cambrian Park, San Jose, CA ☆☆☆☆☆

  • "Shahla Khani helped us find our first home and we could not ask for a better real estate agent. As first time home buyer, we were inexperienced and did not have a clear idea of what to look for. Understanding our needs and budget limitation, she patiently educated us on what we should be caring the most when looking for a house, locations we should be focusing, and the best time to buy. She would go to open houses with us and explained all the pros and cons of the houses we visited. There were occasions that we liked some houses and were ready to make an offer; Shahla, however, advised us against them and patiently explained to us what they lacked. She genuinely supported us during the time we were frustrated or disappointed and kept us hopeful and forward-looking. She would make herself available all the time and answer to our inquiries in no time. We truly love the home that Shahla helped us find and are grateful to be her client. We would always work with her again to buy/sell our home and strongly recommend Shahla." Zahra Eghtesadi, 1495 Emory St, San Jose, CA 95126☆☆☆☆☆

  • "We worked with Shahla both in purchasing our house and then selling our house 5 years later. She really is the ultimate professional - advising us on the best time to sell or purchase a home and being with us throughout the process. Home buying or selling can be an overwhelming endeavor, but she is trustworthy and on top of things, so she makes the whole time that much more manageable - she responds quickly to emails, is savvy but honest with next steps, and really has years of expertise and knowledge of the industry. We would recommend Shahla very highly!" waigwun, 1263 Emory St, San Jose, CA 95126 ☆☆☆☆☆

  • "Shahla is a realtor that goes the extra mile for her clients. The whole process of preparing the house for sale, staging, photographing, advertising, presenting, open house, sale and close went so much easier with Shahla's connections to house professionals and her advice." mikeh7000, Campbell, CA 95008 ☆☆☆☆☆
  • "Shahla Khani became our real estate agent for many reasons. For a long time, she stopped by our home regularly to visit and to keep us informed about the Los Gatos market. In the process she built a relationship with my husband and myself. We knew she was trustworthy, ethical, and honest. When we decided to sell our home, she definitely was the person with whom we wanted to list our house. Shahla knew how to present our home in its best light, She had the skills to market it to the appropriate demographic, and so she was able to get us top dollar for our home. When we were ready to purchase a new home, we decided Shahla was the one we wanted to work with again. She found us a home in the Silver Creek area. Although she wasn’t as familiar with this area, she became familiar with the homes, the people and the trends. She mailed postcards to residents to gauge their interest in selling. She walked the neighborhoods, finding homes she felt would work for us. And so we are currently living in a home we love - completely satisfied with Shahla Khani and the job she did for us." chipsandsalsa9, Los Gatos, CA 95032 ☆☆☆☆☆
  • "As you can see, my wife and I think very highly of Ms Khani's service on our behalf. Shahla walked our neighborhood for seventeen years and I had numerous occasions to talk with her and/or see her chatting it up with other neighbors. I personally value that kind of loyalty as opposed to one-time appearances of so many realtors that you never see again. Fast talkers but not with a whole lot of "stick to it" to them. We are in our late seventies and have lived in our home for forty-eight years and so we had not had a whole lot of experience in how to go about selling a house. Ms Khani led us through the evaluation process, the pricing strategies, and the way Caldwell Banker would market the property. All along we had many questions about things and Shahla was patient in explaining things completely to our satisfaction. We entrusted issues to her and she came through for us. We couldn't be happier with the service Shahla provided, the knowledge she has, and the results!! I've given permission to Ms Khani to share our phone number with you if you want to seek more information about our experience with her." garagegroupretro, San Jose, CA 95124 ☆☆☆☆☆
  • "Shahla is an amazing person. Very sweet, personable yet a true professional. She is very knowledgeable, detail oriented and goes above and beyond her job. She had been our seller as well as our buyer agent. She listened to our requirements with utmost interest and nailed in selling and finding the right property for us. She gave us many useful advices and suggestions and we followed them all. And the output was more than what we had asked for. She helped us with every small bit like finding a mover, a storage and even a kitchen remodeler. She is a walking, talking encyclopedia, thats the compliment I wanna give her. Its been over a year now and we are still in touch and she never forgets to check on our well being at our new home. I would highly recommend her. If you are frustrated and still have not found your dream home, go find Shahla!" 07/19/2018 - sbal2050 ☆☆☆☆☆
  • "Shahla helped me and my wife find our first home. She is very knowledgeable and it comes as no surprise with her many years of experience. She was always on or before time during our house tours. Many times she would have toured the property before we toured together. She heard our requirements and translated them into the areas that we should look for. In addition to phone calls, response to email, text were very very fast. We did not feel any pressure to go for something that we had doubts on. She was very patient answering our many questions on the disclosures and documentation." 07/06/2018 - jagadish mukku ☆☆☆☆☆
  • "We have known Shahla for over a year and we seriously started looking to buy a home since Oct last year in the Bay Area. We moved to US and Bay Area three years back and this was our first experience buying home. Shahla is an amazingly professional agent who has very good knowledge of the local area. She made us feel comfortable with the whole process by explaining all the things involved and then starting the bidding process. At no point she pressured us or took any shortcuts. She understood and helped us clarify what we were really looking for (we were very confused in the beginning). Always keeps our interests in mind. She has a knack to find the right properties in terms of location, layout, floor plan etc. She would push us to the right locations and would rejected few properties that we thought were ok and gave us reasons why (floor plans, appreciation potential etc.). She found us a property that we went into contract within like three months! 04/13/2018 - zuser20160215112912007" ☆☆☆☆☆
  • "After working with another realtor and not having any success, we were referred to Shahla from a co-worker. We were living out of state at the time and only had a few days to look for available homes for sale. Shahla listened to our "wish" list and took us to various homes during that time. We flew back thinking we were perhaps being overly ambitious to think we could find a place without living in the area but Shahla reassured us that she would continue looking. About a week later, she called and said "I found your home" and indeed she had. Shahla negotiated well for us and the buying process could not have been smoother. This was over 6 years ago. It's amazing how a few bedrooms and bathrooms can become so much more than house. And we have Shahla to thank for finding it for us." 01/28/2019 - jojoo kao ☆☆☆☆☆
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